Infrastructure, Building and workshop

1. Total accommodation (sq. meters) Available/ required for the whole Institute as per NCVT norms  

 Blue Print of Infrastructure


2. Area available in the institute  for Office & Other facilities:


Description  Required as per NCVT Norms Available in the Institute Remarks(mention shortage if any)
Principal Office 12-15 sq. meter 13.74 sq. meter  Nil
Office 10 sq. meter  16.74 sq meter  Nil
IT Lab  25 sq meter  35.81 sq meter  Nil
Area available in the institute for Workshops & Class rooms:


Name of the Trade Maximum no. of units in one shift only





Required as per NCVT norms Actually available Shortage


Required as per NCVT norms Actually available Shortage (If any)
 Electrician  4  392 sq. meter 417.32 sq meter  Nil  120 sq. meter  123.4 sq. meter Nil

Electric Power Supply

1 Electrical Connection issued in the name of  


2 Latest Electricity bill details(enclosed-Units consumed /one year bill))
3 Trade Maximum no. of unit in one shift Power supply required as per norms in KW Power supply available in the Institute  in KW
 Electrician 4 10.4 KW  15.66 KW
Total electrical Load  10.4 KW 15.66 KW